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Making School More Fun with Events & Activities!

Welcome to the P.S. 211 School-Wide Events Home Page. Here you will find information related to our school’s various planned events and activities. At Elm Tree Elementary School we know how hard our students work on a daily basis and we know the importance of rewarding all of that hard work with a little bit of fun! 

We also like to keep our parents informed of all of the important work that goes on around our school on a daily basis and that is why we hold monthly meetings with the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), School Leadership Team (SLT) and our Town Hall.

With these goals in mind, we host various events and plan various activities on a monthly basis for our school community as a whole. Whether it’s our monthly PTA or SLT meetings or even some of our fun events for students such as our themed Spirit Weeks, P.S. 211 hosts a number of monthly events to keep our parents apprised of the happenings at our school and bring a little joy to our students.

All of these events can be accessed through the green side-bar menu (located on the right-hand side of the screen when viewed on a computer or laptop and at the bottom of the page when viewed on a mobile device).

Additional Information:

Parents can also visit our News & Announcements section for all of our school’s latest news and updates or visit our P.S. 211 Monthly School Calendars section to view our monthly school calendars which provide a breakdown of what’s happening within our school on a monthly basis.



P.S. 211 School-Wide Events Archive

At P.S 211 Elm Tree Elementary school we strongly believe in data preservation and with that goal in mind we have created archives for all of our important School News, School-Wide Events and even our Monthly School Calendars

Accessing each of the preceding links (or the buttons below) will take you to the archive sections of each specific topic where you can further explore each school year’s archived news, events and monthly school calendars.