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September 29th, 2022 - NYPD’s “Build the Block” Community/Safety Meeting


Dear families and staff of P.S. 211 Elm Tree Elementary School,


We would like to cordially invite you to the NYPD’s upcoming “Build the Block” Safety/Community Meeting which will take place at our school on Thursday, September 29th at 3:00 PM!


We encourage all of our parents to attend to meet with our staff and members of the local NYPD 110th Precinct to discuss public safety concerns.


Please see below for more information about the event itself along with the schedule/location and any additional information.


About Event:

P.S. 211 and our local NYPD 110th Precinct invites you to attend the NYPD’s “Build the Block” Safety/Community Meeting. During this meeting, our parents will be able to meet with our community’s Neighborhood Coordination Officers Stephanie Delanuez and Justine Rayborn to discuss public safety concerns and to also meet with your neighbors!


We know how important safety is in our community and how much pride everyone takes in what they do for our community which is why we must work together to discuss these safety concerns and improve our community for the better!


Please see below for more information related to the schedule/location of this meeting.


Schedule/Location of Event:

Event Name: NYPD’s “Build the Block” Community/Safety Meeting


Date: Thursday, September 29th, 2022


Time: Doors Open at 2:30 PM and Meeting Begins Directly After at 3:00 PM


Location: P.S. 211 Elm Tree Elementary School,

50-51 98th Street

Corona, NY 11368


Additional Information:

Please be advised that this is an in-person event being held at the P.S. 211 Elm Tree Elementary school. Doors will open at 2:30 PM with the meeting starting directly after at 3:00 PM.


Also, please remember to bring your ID and your COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination as they are both required to enter the school building. Masks will be provided.


For more information feel free to contact us at the following phone number: (929) 208-4860.


For directions to P.S. 211 Elm Tree Elementary please visit the following link:

P.S. 211 Google Maps Directions