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April 4th, 2023 - NYC Department of Education Guidance on Summer Rising 2023 Enrollment for Students in Grades K-8


Dear families and staff of P.S. 211 Elm Tree Elementary School,


We would like to take this opportunity to provide you with some information and resources regarding this year’s Summer Rising Program.


As some of you may know, the NYC Department of Education has changed the enrollment/application process for the Summer Rising 2023 Program and with that there is a lot of information for our families to be aware of and digest.


Summer Rising is free and open to any NYC student currently in kindergarten through grade 8. Families can apply at nyc.gov/SummerRising between April 17 and May 1. 


This year’s enrollment process will prioritize students mandated for summer school for academic reasons, Students in Temporary Housing and Students in Foster Care, students in 12-month Individualized Education Program (IEP) settings, and students with a local connection to the school-year CBO program or school community.


The program will begin July 5, and will run Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the months of July and August. Students will be provided with free breakfast, lunch, and snacks. Summer Rising will run for six weeks for all students, with a seventh week of enrichment for students in grades K–5. Learn more at nyc.gov/SummerRising.


All of this information (and more) can be found on the Summer Rising Letter to Families at the official DOE website (in all of the supported major languages) using the link below or you can download/print the PDF files which are embedded below as well (in English and Spanish):


Update for Families on Summer Rising 2023: Week of April 3, 2023



The NYC DOE has also put together a Summer Rising 2023 Enrollment Flyer which provides more information on the enrollment process in general which can be found at the link below or by downloading the PDF files which are embedded below (in English and Spanish):


Summer Rising 2023 Enrollment Flyer for Families DOE Website



Finally, please be advised that our Community School District 24 will be hosting a virtual parent workshop which goes over the Summer Rising 2023 Enrollment/Application process late this month. Please use the link below for more information regarding this parent workshop:


April 17th & April 20th, 2023 - School District 24’s Summer Rising Application Process Parent Workshop Event Page


For more information, parents can visit the official NYC DOE Summer Rising website using the link below or feel free to contact Ms. Gisella Catarine, our school’s Parent Coordinator, at 929-260-0084.


NYC DOE Summer Rising 2023 Official Website


Have a wonderful rest of your week and we hope our students enjoy the upcoming Spring Recess Vacation!




P.S. 211 Elm Tree Family